How to Sell a Vehicle on eBay: Fees and Listing Tools

eBay is a popular place to sell vehicles, with a subsection called eBay Motors. This may be surprising to some, who may assume that vehicle purchases only happen in person.

In addition to new and used vehicle sales, eBay Motors also facilitates the purchase of auto-parts via a feature called My Garage.

The eBay Motors selling process is similar to the regular selling procedures on eBay but has some unique features. The most notable difference is the fee structure for listings. Read on to discover more about vehicle selling fees on eBay Motors.

Please note that the following information is applicable to sellers only as eBay Motors is administered differently across the international eBay marketplace.

Vehicle selling fees

Though fundamentally still part of eBay, the Motors section operates in an alternative way in terms of fees.

The amount charged for vehicle listings depends on a few factors:

  • The classification of the seller (low or high volume)
  • The listing tool used to create the listing
  • The type of vehicle listed

A low volume eBay Motors seller lists six or less vehicles in a calendar year (January 1 to December 31).

A high volume eBay Motors seller lists seven or more vehicles in any calendar year. Once a high volume seller, the status change is permanent.

The listing count is based on the submittal of a vehicle listing. This includes relisting.

Fees for low volume sellers

Low volume sellers can only use the quick listing tool but have three different all-inclusive package options to choose from.

Quick listing tool

  • Basic package: $25
  • Plus package: $55
  • Premium package: $95

Each package has a set number of photos included, as well as an AutoCheck vehicle history report (cars & trucks listings only) and set listing duration.

The basic package can be used for auction or fixed price format listings, whereas the plus and premium packages have variations for both.

There is no additional fee to pay if the vehicle sells.

Fees for high volume sellers

High volume sellers have only two package options when using the quick listing tool, but can choose to use the advanced tool instead.

Quick listing tool

  • Plus package: $55
  • Premium package: $95

Each package has a set number of photos included, as well as an AutoCheck vehicle history report (cars & trucks listings only) and set listing duration.

Advanced tool

With the advanced tool, high volume sellers can choose between listing durations of 3, 5, 7, or 10 days.

Unlike the quick listing tool, the advanced tool charges fees on a per listing basis. There are three different types of fees:

  • Insertion fees
  • Successful listing fees
  • Optional listing upgrades

Insertion fees

Insertion fees are charged by category:

  • $50 for vehicles in the Cars & Trucks, RVs & Campers and Commercial Trucks categories
  • $20 for vehicles in the Motocycles, Boats, Powersports and Other Vehicles & Trailers categories (except RVs & Campers and Commercial Trucks, as above)

If the vehicle does not sell, insertion fees are not refunded.

Successful listing fees

Similar to eBay’s Final Value Fee, successful listing fees are charged if and when a vehicle sells. The difference is that the successful listing fee is a fixed rate rather than a percentage. It also does not apply to all vehicle sales.

A successful listing fee is charged when the vehicle is listed in one of the following categories:

  • Motorcycles
  • Boats
  • Powersports
  • Other Vehicles & Trailers (except RVs & Campers and Commercial Trucks)


  • A bid is received on an auction-style listing (the bid must met the reserve price) You receive a bid on your auction-style listing (if you have a reserve price, the bid must meet that reserve)
  • A buyer selects Buy It Now
  • The seller accepts a Best Offer

The successful listing fee is $30 for vehicles with a selling price below $5,000 and $60 for vehicles with a selling price over $5,000.

Listing upgrades

High volume sellers using the advanced tool also have the option to add listing upgrades. These offer the chance for better exposure but the fee is charged whether the vehicle sells or not.

Example listing upgrades on include:

  • 10-day listing duration ($18)
  • 30-day listing duration – fixed price listings only ($50)
  • Bold title ($5)
  • Gallery Plus ($5)
  • Reserve price for items up to $75,000 ($49)

Selling vehicles on eBay: other important things to know

  • Be prepared to provide the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN). This is required for all vehicles newer than 1981
  • eBay suggests locating the vehicle title before listing, to ensure that it will be ready to transfer to the buyer after purchase
  • Professional dealers or sellers who use third party tools to list vehicles can include a vehicle history report in listings by subscribing to AutoCheck separately
  • There are several subscription programs available for licensed vehicle dealers.

Experienced eBay Motors sellers, do you have any tips to share with aspiring vehicle sellers? Share your thoughts in the comments below

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