Change Log

Below is a list of versions and relevant changes that Auction Nudge has seen. If you have any feature requests or bug reports then please contact me.


Date : 01/04/15

  • Further performance improvements – added additional back-end caching layer


Date : 26/03/15

  • Performance improvements


Date : 24/03/15

  • Released the Auction Nudge Blog
  • General site layout and navigation changes


Date : 04/03/15

  • Fixed a bug in the Your eBay Feedback 'Profile Table' theme where the incorrect user role was displayed. Thanks to Thomas for bringing this to my attention


Date : 04/03/15

  • Created new 'Responsive' theme for Your eBay Listings tool. This theme responds to the area it is displayed in and adjusts the layout accordingly, great for sites with different layouts depending on the viewing device. Read more
  • Increased resolution of "right now on eBay" logo image for retina displays
  • Updated Customize page
  • Updated Help page


Date : 20/01/15


Date : 16/01/15

  • The Auction Nudge website is now responsive, meaning visitors viewing the site on a mobile device will see a mobile optimised version of the site
  • Updated WordPress plugin page


Date : 08/01/15


Date : 05/01/15

  • The Auction Nudge website is now automatically served over HTTPS. Code snippets still automatically load HTTP or HTTPS to match your site. More information here


Date : 19/12/14

  • Resolved issue with Your eBay Feedback tool where some feeds were not loading. Thank you for your patience while I worked through this issue.


Date : 19/12/14


Date : 17/12/14

  • Reduced cache time on all tools, meaning feeds now update more frequently. Cache times are as follows:
  • Cache-Control headers now set on a per-tool basis, further increasing page load performance
  • Updated Help page cache section


Date : 17/12/14

  • Fixed a character encoding issue with the Your eBay Listings tool pagination. Thanks to Barry for bringing this to my attention


Date : 12/12/14

Auction Nudge 3 released! This is a major release which contains some of the most requested features since the tool was first launched back in 2008. Most notably:

  • Pagination – there is no longer a limit to the total number of items Auction Nudge can display using the Your eBay Listings tool. Each page can show up to 100 items at once, if you have more listed "Previous" and "Next" buttons will allow users to navigate through multiple pages. Use the Show multiple pages? option to enable this feature
  • Larger imagesYour eBay Listings item image sizes can now be increased up to 500px x 500px using the Image Size option. Previously the maximum was 140px x 140px

Other updates and improvements in this version:

  • New 'Profile Table' theme added to the Your eBay Feedback tool. This displays a user profile overview, as well as feedback and ratings overviews
  • Bug fixes and general improvements to the Your eBay Listings 'Carousel' theme
  • Small presentation tweaks to the Your eBay Listings 'Images Only' theme
  • Table cell and image CSS alignment improved for the Your eBay Listings tool (only if using the new 'Image Size' option)
  • HTTP caching mechanism overhauled, leveraging browser caching more effectively to greatly improve load times
  • Miscellaneous bug fixes
  • General front-end improvements
  • Updated Customize page
  • Updated Help page
  • Updated Demo page

There are more features and improvements planned for future releases. Thank you for all of the user input, I take all feedback received on-board.


Date : 11/12/14

  • Fixed a bug with the Your eBay Profile tool where eBay Australia links were being malformed. Thanks to Greg for bringing this to my attention


Date : 10/11/14

  • Added "Open links in new tab?" option to tools
  • Updated Customize page


Date : 25/08/14

  • Addded eBay Switzerland support


Date : 16/08/14

  • Created new Your eBay Ads tool which displays your eBay items in an interactive banner using standard ad sizes
  • Major update to Help page
  • Created a new Customize page to help with modifying and integrating Auction Nudge with your site
  • General site layout and navigation changes
  • Updated Demo page
  • Updated Reviews page


Date : 30/05/14


Date : 28/03/14


Date : 01/03/14

  • All items in the Your eBay Listings tool now display the amount of time remaining (Xd Yh Zm) instead of the end date to avoid international time zone issues.
  • All item links generated by the Your eBay Listings tool now link directly to the item page and not eBay's hybrid landing page.
  • Updated Reviews page


Date : 12/02/14

  • Migrated Your eBay Feedback theme images to HTTPS enabled URL. Thanks to Robert for pointing this out to me.


Date : 02/02/14

  • Code snippets now detect if your page is being served via HTTPS and load the HTTPS version of Auction Nudge if necessary
  • Updated the help page, detailing how to update legacy code snippets in order to force the HTTPS version of Auction Nudge if required


Date : 26/01/14

  • HTTPS/SSL version of tools now available for sites (like Facebook) which require external scripts to be loaded over secure connection


Date : 17/12/13


Date : 04/12/13


Date : 07/11/13

  • eBay logos updated on Your eBay Profile badges
  • A temporary workaround has been created to resolve a small issue with the Your eBay Listings tool when some items with the 'Collection Only' delivery option are not being displayed


Date : 01/11/13

  • Fixed a bug with the Your eBay Feedback tool where usernames containing special characters were not loading feedback correctly. Thanks to Peter for bringing this to my attention


Date : 31/10/13

  • Fixed an issue where items with multiple options (multi-variation listings) would appear in the Your eBay Listings feed as duplicates. These listings will now only appear once in the feed
  • Happy Halloween!


Date : 27/10/13

  • Added Reviews page which shows some of the many nice things our users have to say about our free service
  • Some minor aesthetic site tweaks
  • Due to popular demand, the following improvements have been made to the Your eBay Feedback tool:
    • The tool now allows you to specify how many feedback entries are displayed (up to 25) instead of the previous fixed value of 5
    • The tool allows you to specify the type of feedback displayed, the following options can be chosen:
      • All feedback received
      • All feedback left for others
      • Feedback received as a buyer
      • Feedback received as a seller
  • Updated Help page
  • Featured Examples section added to Examples page
  • A few bug fixes


Date : 20/05/13

  • Anti-spam tweaks


Date : 18/04/13


Date : 06/03/13

  • Classified items bug fixed in Carousel theme for Your eBay Listings tool. Thanks to Mark for pointing this out to me.


Date : 24/01/13


Date : 21/01/13


Date : 13/01/13

  • Fixed small bug in Carousel theme for the Your eBay Listings tool. Thanks to Daniel for pointing this out to me.


Date : 10/01/13

  • More advanced options added to Your eBay Listings tool:
    • Sort order – adjusts the order of items shown
    • Filter by keyword – only show items with specified keyword in item title (up to 5 keywords)
  • Updated Examples page.


Date : 06/01/13

  • Improved Your eBay Listings tool error messages and added warning if more than 3 category filters are entered.
  • Added content to Help page and reorganised page for easier navigation and reading.
  • Updated eBay Developers Program Member logo to reflect brand change.


Date : 15/11/12


Date : 11/11/12

  • Fixed issue where some browsers did not render the $ symbol correctly.
  • Added to Help page.


Date : 06/11/12


Date : 02/11/12

  • Removed non-existent stylesheets from being loaded in feeds where an error occured.
  • Handle bug where sometimes eBay returns blank response.


Date : 01/11/12


Date : 29/10/12

  • Added eBay Spain to all tools due to popular demand.
  • If an eBay site is specified for the Your eBay Feedback tool, feed links will now point to the specified eBay site.


Date : 27/10/12

  • Fixed website asset compression bug which caused JS/CSS to not load temporarily :'(


Date : 24/10/12

  • Removed category filter feature due to increased server load. More information.
  • Updated robots.txt to ensure search engines do not crawl Javascript feeds.
  • eBay API model efficiency improvements.


Date : 10/10/12

  • Added rel="nofollow" to all feed links generated by Auction Nudge. Even though these links are added to the page by Javascript after page load, this ensures they are not followed by the search engines bots. Thanks to Andy at Global Sound Trade Ltd for his comments.
  • Added information to Help / FAQ page about increasing the size of item images.


Date : 02/10/12

  • eBay API model cache tweaks.
  • Help / FAQ page updates.


Date : 26/09/12

  • Updated eBay API model to increase response cache times for users who have had no active items for long periods of time. Read more.


Date : 28/08/12

  • Added new 'unstyled' theme to the Your eBay Listings tool. Help here.
  • Added the ability to hide "No active items." text from showing on sites that currently have no active items.
  • Updated eBay API model to fix duplicate request bug.
  • Added extra help documentation.


Date : 02/07/12

Small fixes:

  • Allow exclamation mark ("!") in eBay usernames, thanks Darrell
  • Fixed bug with special characters in eBay usernames


Date : 20/06/12

A major update which adds the #1 requested feature and fixes the #1 queried bug (previously no work-around was available) Many thanks to everyone who got in touch, your feedback is invaluable!

  • After many requests from users you can now filter items by category using the Your eBay Items tool. This is useful if you have items listed in multiple categories on eBay but only want to display those listed in a certain category on your site. What's more you can specify up to 3 different categories.

    More help and information is available on the Help/FAQ page.

  • Fixed Your eBay Profile bug where badges linked through to the eBay US site regardless of where the user is registered. This sometimes meant listings were not being displayed on the eBay US site. When generating the code snippet, a eBay site can now be specified.


Date : 12/09/11

  • Items listed in the US will now display the end date in US format.
  • Fixed issue with eBay IDs which contained a dollar character "$".
  • Performance improvements:
    • Switched to CDN to host images used in themes.
    • HTTP expires headers now sent to reflect API caching.


Date : 09/08/11


Date : 13/04/11

  • Added 'Grid' theme to Your eBay Items tool. This theme allows you to specify the width and numbers of columns listings are displayed in.


Date : 01/04/11

  • Fixed issue with the "badge" Your eBay Profile theme where the time of day was not correct.


Date : 24/03/11

  • Auction Nudge now enables you to display your up-to-date eBay feedback on your own website. The Your eBay Feedback tool shows the 5 most recent feedback received and will update once more feedback is received.
  • Auction Nudge now has support for more international eBay sites. The items can now be displayed from the following eBay sites:
    • eBay UK
    • eBay US
    • eBay Canada
    • eBay Australia
    • eBay Belgium *NEW*
    • eBay Germany *NEW*
    • eBay France *NEW*
    • eBay Austria *NEW*
    • eBay Italy *NEW*
    • eBay Netherlands *NEW*
    • eBay Ireland *NEW*
    • eBay Poland *NEW*


Date : 10/03/11

  • Fixed issue where some images were not displaying for items listed in the multi-variant format.


Date : 07/09/10

  • Fixed issue with eBay IDs which contained a period "."


Date : 04/09/10

The Auction Nudge front-end and back-end have been completely re-written from scratch with not a single line of code copied from the original version. Using the Codeigniter PHP Framework I was able to work from the ground up and create a version of Auction Nudge that was much more powerful than the original version and also more flexible.

Although many many improvements have been made, some include :

  • Migrating to the eBay Shopping API
  • More performance improvements, Auction Nudge now loads faster then ever!
  • Adding new options to the 'Your eBay Listings' tool
  • Addition of the 'Your eBay Profile' tool which allows users to embed information about their eBay profile
  • Fresh new website design with lots more help content
  • Improved Demo and Examples pages


Date : 11/06/10

  • Server side caching - improves load time by 600%
  • 'Columns' theme added


Date : 22/05/10

  • Back end code optimisations and a few front end tweaks.


Date : 17/05/10

  • Fixed problem with malformed URLs causing eBay "This listing has been removed, or this item is not available." error messages.


Date : 07/04/10

  • Fixed incorrect output of some special characters


Date : 05/04/10

  • Send compressed (gzip) output
  • Send appropriate HTTP cache headers

v1.5 and before

Auction Nudge was first written in 2008 as a handy tool available on another, now defunct website. Due to it's success it was moved to it's new home here in 2009.