Advertising Tools For eBay Sellers

Auction Nudge provides powerful tools for eBay sellers looking to integrate their eBay content with their own website. The tools are easy to set up and are designed to help sellers increase the exposure of their listings as well as their eBay feedback and profile information. You can view the demo here.

Auction Nudge is not owned or operated by eBay Inc.

Auction Nudge is:

eBay Compatible Application

Advertising Disclosure

In order to offer this service free to use, Auction Nudge is part of the eBay Partner Network and may receive a small commission on purchases originating from an Auction Nudge advertisement, at no additional cost to buyer or seller.

The eBay Partner Network and FTC have guidelines about how affiliate links are displayed, which eBay strictly enforces.

As such, Auction Nudge is required to display the following notice:

Ad Clicking an item will take you to eBay, who may pay a referral commission if a purchase is made (?)

The Question Mark (?) at the end links to this page.

Removing The Disclosure

Displaying the disclosure is a requirement.

Until recently Auction Nudge had always shown a "powered by" link underneath listings, which some users decided to hide. With the current disclosure guidelines, eBay required the disclosure to appear above the content and it's inclusion is mandatory.

This means that if you are not happy with the Advertising Disclosure, then Auction Nudge is not the free tool for you.

I realise that this has not always been the case and I am genuinely sorry if this has caused anyone to stop using the service. It's been a pleasure!

Attempting to hide, obscure or modifying the disclosure puts the service at risk for all users. Therefore, Auction Nudge reserves the right to block any user who attempts to do so.