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Using Auction Nudge

I don't get it – what is Auction Nudge?

Auction Nudge is a set of completely free widgets to integrate eBay into your own website. If you sell on eBay you can include Your eBay Listings, Your eBay Profile and Your eBay Feedback on your site.

Auction Nudge is fully customisable through a set of inbuilt themes and options. Tools use styles as defined in your website's style sheet so things usually integrate nicely right out of the box. You can then choose to style elements as you wish using simple CSS rules.

Installation consists of copying and pasting one line of code on to your web page. Once installed, Auction Nudge will update automatically - displaying your live eBay listings and information.

Auction Nudge is completely free and does not require registration.

An Example?

For example if you run a website that is aimed at vintage cookie cutter enthusiasts and you also sell vintage cookie cutters on eBay - you may want to display your current eBay listings on your own website. Auction Nudge allows you do do this and means you can show your cookie cutters for sale right next to the cookie cutter information on your site. By doing this you are targeting your listings at your visitors who already have an interest in cookie cutters and the best part is that once up and running Auction Nudge will automatically update itself and only show your active items!

It is really simple to set up and only requires one line of code to be copied onto your site. To see how easy it is, why not try it out and have a play around!

How Reliable Is Auction Nudge?

Auction Nudge has been operating since 2008 and during this time has seen 99.9% uptime (the amount of time the service has been available). Because updates come from the Auction Nudge server, a lot of time has been spent making sure these updates happen reliably and are super fast.

Can I customize the look / behaviour of Auction Nudge?

Auction Nudge is very customizable, so much so in fact that there is a whole Customize page dedicated to doing just that.

Can I Display Items In A Specific Category Only?

Yes – due to popular demand you now have the option to filter items by eBay category. This is useful if you have items listed in multiple categories on eBay but only want to display those listed in a certain category on your site. What's more you can specify up to 3 different categories.

A note about eBay store categories - the steps outlined here describe filtering items by eBay category. Filtering items by store categories is not possible.

The following video runs you through how to do this. The text below also explains this.

How to specify an eBay category to filter by

On the Your eBay Listings page, when generating your code snippet there is now an option on Step two called "Category ID". This is a text box which allows you to enter a numeric eBay category ID and chose to only display items listed in that category (see below for help on obtaining eBay category IDs)

To filter by more than one category you can separate multiple category IDs with a colon ":" for example 123:465:789

How to obtain eBay category IDs

As outlined above in order to only display items listed in a certain category you need to specify an eBay category ID. This is a unique number which eBay uses to identify it's categories. You can obtain category IDs from this eBay page.

Alternatively, category IDs can be found by visiting any eBay category and looking in the URL (web address) in your browsers address bar. For example in order to only show DVDs you have for sale you would want to filter by the eBay DVD category. The web address for the DVD category on is:

By looking at the URL (web address) for the category page we can see a number in the second to last segment – in this case 2288. This is the Category ID. Therefore this is the number we would add in the "Category ID" field when generating our snippet on the Auction Nudge site to only show items in this category.


Does Auction Nudge work on mobile devices?

Yes, Auction Nudge works on all devices which have modern web browser support. The Your eBay Listings tool also has a responsive theme which adapts it's layout to make the most of the available space, no matter the device.

How Is Such An Awesome Tool Free?

Auction Nudge funds itself through referral commissions from eBay. As a member of the eBay Partner Network we may receive anonymous commissions from eBay if a successful transaction occurs after clicking an Auction Nudge link to eBay, at no cost to the user.

This means Auction Nudge is free to use and there are no 'pay to unlock' type restrictions and no signups – just obtain your code snippet and install it on your site!

Installing Auction Nudge

How Do I Install Auction Nudge?

(The following section provides links to install instructions to many popular CMSs)

Watch the video which covers installing Auction Nudge on your site and also how to customise how your items appear (view video in full screen for best results) :

To install Auction Nudge on your website :

  1. Copy ALL of the code in the text box in Step three ('Copy the code snippet onto your site')
  2. Using any text editor open the file for the web page on which you want to install Auction Nudge.
  3. Paste the copied code into the file where you want the eBay listings to appear (somewhere between the <body> and </body> tags).
  4. Save your modified web page.
  5. Upload the modified web page to your server.

Please see the stripped down demo, and the stripped down demo source code to see Auction Nudge working on a simple web page.

For details on how to customize the look and behaviour of Auction Nudge please see the customize page.

How do I install Auction Nudge on website X or CMS Y?

Auction Nudge can be installed on any website which allows a line of HTML to be inserted and JavaScript to be executed (the only exception to this is eBay sites themselves which Auction Nudge blocks)

Some websites and CMSs make it very easy to add HTML/JavaScript to pages, others may block JavaScript for security reasons. The quickest way to find out how to install Auction Nudge on your chosen website or CMS is to search for "installing JavaScript on [insert CMS name]", for example installing JavaScript on Shopify.

If you use one of the following CMS, click on the link to find out how to add HTML/JavaScript to your site:

If you use WordPress as your CMS then keep reading...

Can I use Auction Nudge on WordPress?

WordPress self-hosted ( – Yes

You can paste your code snippet directly in to the "Text" tab in the edit page/post screen or use the handy Auction Nudge WordPress plugin.

WordPress hosted ( – No

JavaScript is not allowed on the hosted version of WordPress, with the exception of a few sites like YouTube.

Can I use Auction Nudge on eBay itself?

No. Auction Nudge will not work on a domain which uses either the keyword "eBay" or "Paypal" in the domain name, including eBay sites themselves. This is because it is not allowed under eBay's terms and conditions.

I need a secure (HTTPS/SSL) version of the Auction Nudge script, is this available?

The code snippet which embeds Auction Nudge on your site now automatically loads a HTTPS version of the tool if your page is being served over HTTPS. Some browsers block content loaded via HTTP on pages served via HTTPS, so this ensures the Auction Nudge snippet uses the correct protocol to match your site.

Unfortunately, as eBay do not have a SSL certificate for the domain where they host item images, you may see some "mixed content" warnings when viewing your site using HTTPS. This is nothing to worry about, and just means that the item images are being received unencrypted (i.e. over HTTP and not HTTPS)

While there is absolutely nothing 'insecure' about using the legacy code snippet, which loads Auction Nudge via HTTP, sometimes third party websites (like Facebook) require that external scripts are loaded via a HTTPS connection.

In this situation, you can update the legacy code snippet to ensure Auction Nudge is loaded via HTTPS as follows:

<script type="text/javascript" src="

<script type="text/javascript" src="

You should only force the HTTPS version of the script if absolutely necessary.

Inner workings, problems or errors

My items aren't showing / How Often Does Auction Nudge Update / Why Isn't Auction Nudge Updating?

To reduce server load, Auction Nudge does not update every time it is loaded on your site. The tools update as follows:

Some users may have to wait slightly longer for their feed to update if, since they started using Auction Nudge they have had a period of over a month where they have had no active eBay items. In this situation as soon as their feed updates and again the user has active items, their feed will return to updating every 15 minutes. Longer periods of inactivity will reduce the frequency of updates.

For example if eBayUser123 uses Auction Nudge on their website, but goes away for a 2 month vacation and does not have items listed on eBay during this time the following will happen:

  1. Auction Nudge keeps a note of the last time eBayUser123 had active items
  2. During the first month their feed will be update every 15 minutes as usual
  3. After one month of no active items their feed will update every two hours
  4. Once eBayUser123 returns from vacation and lists new eBay items, their feed will go back to updating every 15 minutes

This is so temporarily inactive eBay members do not cause unnecessary server load.

How Many Items Can Auction Nudge Show? / Can Multiple Pages Of Items Be Shown? / Does Auction Nudge Support Pagination?

Auction Nudge can show up to 100 items per page, and items can span multiple pages using the in-built pagination links.

Using the Show # Items Per Page option, you can specify the number of items you want display per page, the maximum number of items per page is 100. You can display multiple pages of items using the "Show multiple pages" option.

Pagination is displayed if the Show multiple pages option is enabled and you have more items listed than the value for the "Show # Items Per Page" option. If this is the case, Previous and Next links will be displayed above and below the items to enable users to paginate between multiple pages of items.

Pagination is not supported in some old versions of Internet Explorer (it is supported in IE 9+). You can choose to hide the pagination areas from these versions by adding the following HTML into the <head> element of your page:

<!--[if lt IE 9]>
  <style type="text/css">
    div#auction-nudge-items {
      display: none;

View the Customize page for details on how to adjust the pagination area appearance.

Note: the 'Carousel' theme does not support the 'Show multiple pages' option, so the maximum number of items it can load in total is 100.

Can I use my eBay Partner Network Campaign ID to earn affiliate commissions?

Unfortunately it is not possible to use your ePN tracking details with Auction Nudge. However you can earn eBay affiliate commissions using our sister site Auction Affiliate, which is a powerful tool for affiliates that enables you to embed eBay items on your page using your own ePN campaigns.

Like Auction Nudge this is completely free and does not require registration. You are able to embed items on your page with HTML/JavaScript, PHP or using the WordPress plugin.

How Are Items Ordered?

Using the "Sort Order" option, items can be ordered by:

  • Items Ending First
  • Newly-Listed First
  • Price + Shipping: Lowest First
  • Price + Shipping: Highest First
  • Best Match

How Many Feedback Comments Can Auction Nudge Show? Is It Possible To Show More?

Auction Nudge can show up to 25 of the most recent feedback comments for your eBay username. Unfortunately it is not possible to show more than this.

Will Auction Nudge Work In My Browser? Why Isn't Auction Nudge Displaying Correctly In Certain Browsers?

Because Auction Nudge is powered by web standards - HTML, JavaScript and CSS as with any web page, cross browser issues can arise. Having said that browser support is excellent for most themes.

I Am Seeing "Your items can not load because the website hostname contains a disallowed keyword." On My Site. What Does This Mean?

If you are seeing this then most likely you are trying to use Auction Nudge on a domain which uses either the keyword "eBay" or "Paypal" in the domain name. This is blocked by Auction Nudge as it is not allowed under eBay's terms and conditions. This includes using Auction Nudge on eBay sites.

Auction Nudge isn't loading, what's wrong?

A common reason for Auction Nudge not loading is the use of ad blocking browser plugins. If you are using such a plugin, disable it, or add an exception to see if Auction Nudge loads without it.

Are you developing your site locally without running it on a web server? If so then this may cause your code snippet to load incorrectly. This can be easily fixed by editing your code snippet as follows:

<script type="text/javascript" src="//

<script type="text/javascript" src="

Another reason for Auction Nudge failing to load on your page is JavaScript errors from other scripts. You can check for these in your browser's error console.

If this doesn't resolve your issue, then please get in touch and be sure to include a link to your site where you have the code snippet installed so I can investigate further.

Can I Display Items From More Than One Seller On A Single Page?

Yes and No. At the moment Auction Nudge will only display one set of items and if you paste in two sets of Auction Nudge code you will just get duplicate listings.

There is however a work-around for this using iframes. There is an example of this here: view demo - view source

You can use CSS to style the iframes how you wish - for example you may want the 'columns' to be wider or for second set of listings to display below and not beside the first. This is possible.

Is the Your eBay Listings tool responsive?

Yes, selecting the 'Responsive' Your eBay Listings theme ensures that Auction Nudge looks great on every device.

When the Responsive theme loads it measures the space available to it (i.e. the width of the containing element) and adapts it's layout to make the most of the space. This means that if loaded in smaller areas, or on mobile devices, the items may be displayed in the single column. On larger screens items will be displayed in multiple columns.

The Responsive theme is fully compatible with media queries, so the layout will adjust for different devices accordingly. As the theme adapts whenever the screen is resized, changes in orientation (on mobile devices for example) are also fully supported.

You can preview how the Responsive theme displays on different sized devices here.

While the Responsive theme is the only truly responsive theme, all themes can be adapted using CSS media queries to alter how they display on different devices.

Can I contact you for more support?

Sure! However please make sure you have read through the above help topics and if you are asking about customizing Auction Nudge that you have read through the Customize page, as these cover most issues.

If using the Contact page be sure to include a link to your site where you have the code snippet installed so I can investigate fully.