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WordPress Plugin Reviews

The following are just some of the user reviews for the Auction Nudge WordPress plugin submitted through the WordPress plugin directory.

Brilliant plugin and fabulous support!

I love the look of this plugin as it's clean but also there's a few options to edit the colours. I did have a few teething problems, but that was to do with the theme I was using. I got in touch with Joe and he helped me sort it out really quickly.


This is exactly what I was looking for! It even has a number of thoughtful options that make this better than I first thought. Thank you so very much for creating this wonderful software!

Excellent plugin & A+ Support

The plugin is perfect for displaying our eBay store items directly on our website "shop" page. It seems to update often, which works great for our 7-day auctions. Quick reply & support for the one minor issue I had (which was probably due to my inexperience with CSS). Highly recommend for your eBay store!

Great plug-in for eBay sellers!

I use this plug-in on three of my websites and it does exactly what it is supposed to do, updates regularly, and the developer keeps it as glitch free as possible. The one and only time I ever ran into a problem, I have never seen a developer respond and troubleshoot so quickly even with paid plug-ins/apps. You rock, dude! :)

My only suggestion would be making a "pro" version one could purchase and change the eBay affiliate link to their own. I totally understand that it is set to the developer's affiliate link since he is providing such an awesome plug-in and equally awesome customer service/tech support at no charge to the user. There may not be much demand for a paid plug-in with that one small change, but for the few of us that are willing to pay for it, it would be a great option.


I think this has been a great product!

Not only is the plugin great but the service is one of the best! Thank you.

Simply THE BEST eBay plugin out there!

This is the most elegant solution to displaying an eBay store I've seen. It is SUPER easy to use and understand and if you know some CSS you can customize it so easily. I use this plugin frequently for website installations.

On top of that Joe has the best customer service. Unbelievably fast and friendly.

Perfect Plugin

I tried different plugins but Auction Nudge fits perfectly to my requirements!

And the support is also super.

Thank you very much!

Where others fail, this one works!

I've tried them all, and this is the ONLY plugin that delivered my ebay listings to my site successfully. Love it!

Best eBay plug in I've tried

It does exactly what I wanted it to do, and fits great with my theme. It has different layout options and support is great. Even their site looks professional. I'm using the widget for display on my front page, in grid format. You can't even tell I'm using a separate widget for my auction site because it looks like the rest of my auction theme.

Excellent plugin with fantastic support!

When I initially installed the plugin I had issues displaying my ebay details due to my user id having dots in it, though I didn't realise this at the time.

Joe responded immediately with a plugin update and a friendly and informative explanation. Very impressed, thank you!

Great plugin!

Great plugin... simple and very customizable.

Great support

Great plugin and the developer is very helpful when I needed his help.

Great plugin & great developer response

This plugin does exactly what it's supposed to. I have to commend Joe the developer as well because he was very responsive and fast to help me out when I contacted him. I tried a few ebay plugins and this one was the only one that did it with style! Thanks for a great plugin!


Our users rate Auction Nudge 5 out of 5! (based on 2 user testimonials)

Brilliant Plugin, Brilliant Support

The Auction Nudge plugin looks and works great and is very customisable! The support I got whilst customising the plugin was invaluable and really helped me get it looking how I wanted it to look. 10/10

Connor Wyatt, Curtain & Blind Devotion

10 out of 10!

I just starting using Auction Nudge on our website and I am extremely happy with the experience. Customer care is top class, with Joe being very happy to help. I am a complete novice with little experience with web building, but have found Auction Nudge very easy to use and learn.

Justin Temple

A Wonderful Product

Auction Nudge is an excellent script that does exactly what it says on the box; easy to use, easy to customize, and it displays exactly what is needed.

Eilidh Fridlington, Stone Carving Courses

Great plugin, does exactly what it says on the website!

Great plugin, does exactly what it says on the website.....Chances are if you've having issues with any of the code like I did, it will more than like be your human error.

Fortunately the chaps at Auction Nudge were extremely helpful and sorted my issues literally within minutes.

Jimmy Jones, Thinktech Ltd


It provides a very simple and straightforward way to embed your eBay products.

Dave Taylor,

Auction Nudge is far and away the best solution that we have found so far!

Auction Nudge has enabled us to display our eBay listings effortlessly and professionally. The added benefit off customisability through CSS has helped us to fit it seamlessly into the design of our site. Auction Nudge is far and away the best solution that we have found so far!

Chris, Yellow Bear

You have a fantastic product

I am using two different Auction Nudge widgets on my website. They both look fantastic and are a great way for potential clients or customers to find and see my eBay listings. The customer service at Auction Nudge is top rate. They respond quickly, and communicate professionally.

Ed, Gully Farm Consignment

Great tool! Easy to use and works perfectly!

This is a great way to drive traffic to your eBay listings. Just what I needed. Looks good in all the browsers I tested. Quick to answer a minor technical question I had. Good job!

Very useful tool

Very simple and very impressive little tool I used on my clients website so she can display both her new online shop and her Ebay selling on her website. Would highly recommend.

Joe Purches, Ayton West Studio

Works brilliantly with my antiques and collectables website!

Fantastic tool to add your eBay listings by category to your website. Easily made (with help from Auction Nudge team) a multiple page for sale area with a category on each page. 10/10

Andrew, Hucknall Antiques and Collectables

Outstanding Support

Support for this product is amazing, had an issue with my site and the team from Auction Nudge helped me make this work for my site in Joomla. The issue was resolved immediately, you must try this product for you site works great. Thank you Joe, A+++++

Robert Villanueva, 4G Antenna Shop


Hats off to the team at Auction Nudge perfect way to link and share your eBay feedback on your own site. Outstanding customer support, extremely quick email response & very helpful to sort out the minor issues.

Thanks guys keep up the good work.

Glyn, Tattoo Biker Rock

Great Quick and Simple eBay Feedback Widget

It was very easy to add to our online store. It gives our customers extra confidence to buy from our online store as they can see feedback from our eBay store.

Hydraulic & Offshore Supplies Direct

Great plugin. Great support.

A must have plugin for every eCommerce with an eBay account. Easy to use and free. Looking forward to future updates!

Taiga Toys