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Hi, I'm Joe. I created and run Auction Nudge. At the moment I am unable to reply to queries as fast as I would like, and so can only provide support for errors and bugs. If you have a question about how Auction Nudge works, or are trying to customize if for your site then please refer to:


In general, reading these pages answer 95% of questions, so it's a great place to start.

In particular, it covers common questions about Auction Nudge, help with installation and troubleshooting.

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Auction Nudge is highly customisable using CSS and JavaScript.

This should get you started with styling with CSS, modifying content and custom behaviours with JavaScript.

Note: if you are having a problem with styling, it is most likely a conflict with your website's CSS style sheet and not a bug.

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Is Auction Nudge displaying nothing at all?

Please check if you are using an ad blocking plugin, as these can cause Auction Nudge to not load.


Features change from time to time.

Check the changes page to see what is going on behind the scenes at Auction Nudge.

If you have read the above pages and your issue has not been addressed, click here.