As well as being very quick and easy to set up, Auction Nudge is easily customizable so users with a little technical knowledge can modify or extend the default appearance and behaviour.

  1. Appearance
    1. Changing Styles with CSS
    2. Some CSS Examples
      1. Changing Text Colours
      2. Changing Row Colours
      3. Adding Scroll Bars
      4. Profile Table Colours
    3. Theme HTML Markup
      1. Responsive
      2. Column View
      3. Carousel
      4. Simple List
      5. Image and Details
      6. Images Only
      7. Grid View
      8. Unstyled
    4. Customizing the Unstyled Theme
    5. Increasing Image Sizes
    6. Customizing the Pagination Area
    7. Customizing the Category List
  2. Content
    1. Hiding the No Active Items Text
    2. Hiding the Buy It Now Available Text
    3. Auction Nudge in Other Languages
  3. Behaviour
    1. Using the JavaScript Callback Function