See what you can do with one line of code. Once installed, feeds will always stay updated.

Your eBay Listings

This is a demonstration of the Your eBay Listings tool. As well as selecting a theme and how many items are displayed, you can also select which items are displayed using a number of filters including keywords and categories.

This demonstration above uses the 'Responsive' theme showing 6 items at a time, with pagination and category list features enabled. Other themes are available, all of which can be customized using CSS if required.

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Your eBay Profile

This demonstration of the Your eBay Profile tool uses the 'Overview' theme. The badge shows live information and when clicked take you directly to your profile page on eBay. Other themes are available.

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Your eBay Feedback

This demonstration of the Your eBay Feedback tool, uses the 'Profile Table' theme and shows the 5 most recent feedback entries received.

The feedback shown is live information and will update once more feedback is received.

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