Below shows some demo's of what is possible using Auction Nudge. The following demos are inserted by simply pasting one line of HTML into the page. There are more demos (including the relevant source code) available on the Help / FAQ page.

Note: I am not affiliated with the seller in these demos in any way and I use them in these demos purely because they always seem to have a lot of items listed.

Your eBay Listings

Items displayed using the Your eBay Listings tool are your currently active items and the feed is kept up to date automatically.

As well as selecting a theme and how many items are displayed, you can also select which items are displayed using a number of filters including keywords and categories. You are also able to select how your items are ordered and which international eBay site your visitors are directed to.

This demonstration below uses the 'Responsive' theme showing 6 items at a time, with pagination enabled. Other themes are available, all of which can be customized using CSS if required. Please visit the Your eBay Listings tool page for live demos to obtain your embed code.

Your eBay Ads

Use the Your eBay Ads tool to display items on your site as interactive banners, available in a number of common ad sizes. There are lots of options and filters available, similar to the Your eBay Listings tool.

Your eBay Profile

This demonstration of the Your eBay Profile tool uses the 'Grey Star' theme. The badge shows live information and when clicked take you directly to your profile page on eBay. Other themes are available.

Your eBay Feedback

This demonstration of the Your eBay Feedback tool, using the 'Profile Table' theme and showing the 3 most recent feedback items received.

Up to 25 feedback entries can be displayed and you can also select the type of feedback shown – all feedback received, all feedback left for others, feedback received as a buyer or feedback received as a seller.

The feedback shown is live information and will update once more feedback is received.