Are you having an issue with Auction Nudge? This page runs through some of the more common problems users experience.

Auction Nudge is Not Loading

If Auction Nudge displays nothing at all.

Ad Blockers

A common reason for Auction Nudge not loading is the use of ad blocking browser plugins. If you are using such a plugin, disable it, or add an exception to see if Auction Nudge loads without it.

Mixed Content Security Warnings

The code snippet which embeds Auction Nudge on your site automatically loads a HTTPS version of the tool if your page is being served over HTTPS. However very old Auction Nudge code snippets always loaded tools via HTTP. While there is nothing insecure about this, if these tools are loaded on a HTTPS page they are considered "Mixed Content" and may be blocked by modern browsers.

If you are experiencing content security warnings because of Auction Nudge, code snippets should either be re-created or updated manually as follows:

<script type="text/javascript" src="

<script type="text/javascript" src="//

Local Development

Are you developing your site locally without running it on a web server? If so, this may cause your code snippet to load incorrectly. This can be easily fixed by editing your code snippet as follows:

<script type="text/javascript" src="//

<script type="text/javascript" src="

JavaScript Errors

Another reason for Auction Nudge failing to load on your page could be JavaScript errors from other scripts. You can check for these in your browser's error console.

Your Items Aren't Showing as Expected

To reduce server load, Auction Nudge does not update every time it is loaded on your site.

Instead, the tools update as follows:

These update times aim to optimise server resources by updating the most important feeds (i.e. those displaying active eBay items) more frequently than ones that change only occasionally (i.e. profile/feedback information).

Items Ending Soon

There is currently a bug with eBay's data feed that powers Auction Nudge where it does not always show items ending within the next 30 minutes. This means that some items will be removed from your feed before they have actually ended on eBay. I am working to resolve this issue.

New Accounts / Username Changes on eBay

If you are displaying items for a new eBay account, or have recently changed your username then you may experience a delay before all of your eBay items are displayed. This delay is on eBay's end, please see the Check on eBay section below.

Check on eBay

If all or some of your items are not displayed by Auction Nudge, ensure the item(s) in question are being displayed on your eBay "Items for sale from [your_ebay_username]" page.

You can find this page by going to one of your listings and clicking on the "See other items" link under "Seller information", or by using the following URL:


For example:

If an item is not listed on this page, then this is an issue or delay with eBay. This is especially common for new eBay users, so some patience is required.

Since Auction Nudge relies on eBay for its data source, items can only be displayed once they are appearing fully on eBay itself.

Long Periods of Inactivity

Users who have not had active eBay items for over a month may have to wait slightly longer for their feed to update.

In this situation, once their feed updates and the user again has active items, their feed will return to updating every 15 minutes. Longer periods of inactivity will further reduce the frequency of updates.

Viewing All of Your Items

Auction Nudge can show up to 100 items per page, and items can span multiple pages using the in-built pagination links.

Using the Show # Items Per Page option, you can specify the number of items you want display per page, the maximum number of items per page is 100. You can display multiple pages of items using the "Show multiple pages" option.

Pagination is displayed if the Show multiple pages option is enabled and you have more items listed than the value for the "Show # Items Per Page" option. If this is the case, Previous and Next links will be displayed above and below the items to enable users to paginate between multiple pages of items.

Pagination is not supported in some old versions of Internet Explorer (it is supported in IE 9+). You can choose to hide the pagination areas from these versions by adding the following HTML into the <head> element of your page:

<!--[if lt IE 9]>
  <style type="text/css"> {
      display: none;

View the Customize page for details on how to adjust the pagination area appearance.

Show More or Filter Feedback Entries

Auction Nudge can show up to 5 of the most recent feedback comments for your eBay username.

There was a time when more feedback entries could be displayed, as well as the ability to filter by feedback type. Unfortunately, it is currently not possible to show more than 5 entries or to filter them.

Browser Compatibility

Auction Nudge works in all modern browsers.

Because Auction Nudge is powered by open web standards (HTML, CSS and JavaScript) browser support is very good for all tools and themes. However, as with any web page, cross browser issues can arise.

International eBay Site Support

Unfortunately, Auction Nudge does not support every international eBay site.

All Auction Nudge tools supports the following eBay sites:

  • eBay US
  • eBay UK
  • eBay Canada
  • eBay Australia
  • eBay Belgium
  • eBay Germany
  • eBay France
  • eBay Spain
  • eBay Austria
  • eBay Italy
  • eBay Netherlands
  • eBay Ireland
  • eBay Switzerland

This is constrained by eBay, so if your country is not listed then, unfortunately, Auction Nudge can not currently support it.