Your eBay Listings

Using this tool you can create an up to date feed of your eBay listings and embed them on your own website. The feed will update itself so once in-place you can be sure all your current listings will be displayed to your website visitors.

Auction Nudge is completely free to use and only requires you to paste one line of code onto your site! Give it a go now by entering your eBay User ID to the left of the page!

If you currently have no active listings but would like to test the tool try entering 'soundswholesale'.

To view a preview of how your listings will display, and to obtain your code snippet, enter your eBay username here:

Step one:Enter your eBay username



Step two:Customise your feed


  items per page


  Show multiple pages?

[+] Advanced options


Step three:Copy the code snippet onto your site