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Display the active eBay items of an eBay user with this Shortcode:

[auction-nudge tool="listings" sellerid="ebay_username"]

With a default eBay Username and eBay Site (for non-US sellers) you no longer need to inlude them in the Shortcode:

[auction-nudge tool="listings"]
Using Shortcode Block
Using the Shortcode Block

and VoilĂ !

Display your eBay profile with this Shortcode:

<!-- To display Your eBay Profile -->
[auction-nudge tool="profile"]

<!-- To display Your eBay Feedback -->
[auction-nudge tool="feedback"]


Pass your eBay Username to the Shortcode like this:

<!-- Showing items for the eBay username "ebay_username" -->
[auction-nudge tool="listings" sellerid="ebay_username"]

You can customize what content is displayed by passing your options to the Shortcode:

<!-- Show 100 items, in French and disable search -->
[auction-nudge tool="listings" lang="french" maxentries="100" search_box="0"]

Use the Shortcode Generator (Settings > Auction Nudge) to create Shortcodes for your content.

Shortcode Generator

Use the Shortcode Generator to customize your content.

The Shortcode Generator
Create Shortcodes to suit your needs with the Shortcode Generator.


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